Kate Odulukwe
Actress. Singer. Songwriter

Casting News & More!

So happy to share that I worked as a casting assistant for #LoveMyRoomie and will be featured in the show! #LoveMyRoomie is executive produced by Yhá Mourhia Wright and

New Footage!

https://vimeo.com/345807687 So glad to share the footage from my scene in "The Audacity of Hope"! I play an intelligent, young public defender with a lot of heart.

New Headshots!

After my career consultation with Jen Rudolph, we nailed down my type. I'm happy to say that I finally have shots that reflect that type. I had a wonderful session with

ABC Sides

2019 is already off to a great start! Check me out on-camera with these sides from ABC. https://vimeo.com/310804567

Music Video & More!

I starred in the music video for my song "Red Licorice Fade" and have been making strides with my original music since the release of my debut EP: Melanin and

“East of the Sun”!

I had the priviledge of being one of the leads in East of the Sun at Willamstown Theatre Festival! I also wrote an original song for the production. View my Instagram…

I’m A Gif!

Casual reminder that I was made into a viral gif after attending the 2018 Tony Awards! Thanks again to Broadway.com! Check it out HERE

2018 Tony Awards!

I was able to attend the 2018 Tony Awards on behalf of the American Theatre Wing! I was also featured as an audience member in the live telecast throughout the show, and…